Abstract: What is Jeeves? -a test bed for a new way to interact with robots -uses cartoon art to represent the robot's state -adds character and personality In addition to gestures and speech, people use methods such as the written word or drawings for communication. These methods can be used by robots for expression and communication: cartoon art, the simplified artistic and visual language found in comic books and animated cinema, can provide powerful expression mechanisms for robots As robots continue to enter everyday environments of everyday (non robotic expert!) people, it is crucial that we make them easy and intuitive for people to work with. Why Cartoon Art? -visually simple -very expressive -widely understood! Cartoon art provides a language that offers robots a wide range of expression that people understand and can relate to. What kind of cartoon art? There really is no limit or boundaries on what can be used. However, we outline the following: icons and signs, varying text styles, exaggerated / simplified facial expressions and gestures

Researchers: James E. Young, Min Xin , Ehud Sharlin