Abstract: Snakey is a tangible user interface(TUI) dedicated to the field of reservoir geosciences and engineering, emphasizing intuitive manipulation and interaction with 3D curves, common to underground well path exploration and planning. The Snakey TUI attempts to leverage users’ natural spatial perception and manipulation skills, mapping the task of virtual 3D well path onto a meaningful physical representation. The TUI is based on Joby’s GorillaPodTM, flexible camera tripods which consist of a set of modular interlocking plastic orbs (a series of ball and socket joints) which are exceptionally light weight and are both easily manipulated and able to hold rigid shapes even when under significant loads. Snakey is not designed to replace the traditional CAD reservoir well path planning tools, but rather to augment them with tangible and collaborative interaction, facilitating spatial exploration during the multi-stage planning processes involved in well path design.

Researchers: John Harris, James E. Young, Nicole Sultanum, Paul Lapides, Ehud Sharlin, Mario Costa Sousa